Unlocking the POtential of Women 

in social EntRepreneurship

Women constitute 52% of the total European population, but just one third of the EU is self-employed or a start-up entrepreneur. Starting a business or deciding to become self-employed appears to be a rather masculine prerogative and projections reveal pre-existing gender gaps in the labour market, and in particular in entrepreneurship. UPower provides affordable products and educational services for women, by addressing the above-mentioned problems and unlocking women’s entrepreneurial potential, especially for social entrepreneurship.


U.Power project's priority target groups are:

  • Women, with a particular focus on those being 25-55 years old, including women with fewer opportunities and who are facing difficulties, such as reconciling work and personal life, as well as socio-cultural barriers
  • Adult education organizations that deal with social entrepreneurship, and provide support to women or coaching/mentoring to vulnerable groups
  • Female entrepreneurs who want to provide best practices and can take part in the project activities as mentors and/or success stories, inspiring participants and giving positive examples of female social entrepreneurship
  • Local, national and international policy makers
  • General Public

U.Power Updates

U.Power consolidated report 2023
Social entrepreneurship Research Report

Women and Social Enterprise: Where are we? Read the Consolidated Report to learn more and Social Entrepreneurship in the 7 partner countries. 

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U.Power consortium in Kells, Ireland

In September, the U.Power consortium met in Meath Partnership, Kells, Ireland to discuss the next steps of the U.Power Project. Partners from Latvia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Armenia met to develop the framework for the U,Power Training of Trainers and Coaching Programme. 

Free training for women interested in becoming a social entrepreneur

Interested in becoming a social entrepreneur?  From January 2024, U.Power will be seeking participants to take part in an online training course designed to empower women by providing them with the tools to set up their own social enterprise.

To learn more, contact your local project partner. 

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